Friday, 21 October 2011

Wearable Urban Witch Look

As I was having my daily dose of I came across the trend of the day - Urban Witches - a seductive, dark look with rules and spells of it's own.
This has deffinately given me wardrobe inspiration for atleast a week - faux leather trousers & stilletos, all in blacks and deep dark shades, perfectly matched with lacy lingerie peeking through a fitted blazer.

I need need need these now!

Anyway, to finish this look to perfection, I created an eye look as well - something dark, bold yet wearable. Almost rock chic but with a touch of sophistication.
If You want to create something similar, feel free to add a dark lippie if You feel like it. I chose not to 'cause the clothing etc. makes enough of a statement already. As often as I do ignore the rule, this probably is the time to choose eyes OR lips.
 Here's a few tips to achieve this look:
  • As I already said, it's all about the eyes, but don't forget Your brows as well - think thick, dark but nicely groomed to balance the bold eyeliner, if the brows are too light or thin, the overall look will lack all the mystery and darkness we want to add. Also, such a unique eyeliner-smoky shadow mix needs to have a frame to enchace the structure of Your eyes and face,
  • Use a sheer matte eyeshadow that's a shade or two lighter all over the lid and on the browbone for added brightness and contrast - such a heavy eyeliner can sometimes make You look dull.
  •  Draw the shape You desire with a black kohl - like Gosh Kohl Eyeliner in Black - then trace over it with a black eyeshadow, sweeping it a bit over the lines for a subtle smoky look. I blended a bit of purple on the outside to enchance the color of my eyes. See how blue they look? (Usually my eyes are more gray than blue) If You have brown eyes, use a green, etc.
  • A jet black liquid eyeliner along the lashline is a must! This will create an even stronger shape, enchancing the cat-eye shape and making it all about the eyeliner, not the smoked out eyeshadow - exactly what we want.
  • Finish the eyes with a pair of falsies of Your choice for maximum impact and there You go - strong, dark, mysterious - casting a spell of amazement on everybody You set Your eyes on!
On my face I used Healthy Mix Foundation in shade 51 and Collection 2000 Illuminating Touch concealer. You want a nice coverage but keep it as natural as possible. The same with lips - as the eyes will do all the talking - I just filled my lips in with Jemma Kidd lip line duo in 05 - but I actually used the neutral and added a slick of Estee Lauder Pure Color Lipgloss in Frivolous Pink
Tadaaaaaa - You're done! 
Hope You found this helpful, 
Lots of love,
S xoxo


  1. Oh I forgot to mention the blusher!
    It's from the NYX MUA kit and it's the 1st from the right in the blush row!
    Will blog about this kit soon!
    Thanks ladies! (:

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