Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A quick Thank You and Halloween post

Soo.. It's been about a month since I started this blog so I could talk more about what I love doing so much - make-up. It truly is my passion and my dream, and nothing makes me more excited than trying out new products, transforming people and making other women feel beautiful.
I'm so excited to read new comments on my posts every day - Thank You so much to all my new followers for inspiring me to keep doing this!

Anyway, I felt a bit inspired this evening so I did a quick and easy Halloween look on myself and I know many might be looking for inspiration and ideas right now - it's already October!
I've had this idea for a She-wolf character in my head for a while now, I did some sketches of it yesterday and I tried it out today. Sadly, it was already dark outside and the camera is not as advanced to pull this off and the pics turned out in a bad quality so I can't do a tutorial on this look.
I'll do another look - a neglected ghost - tomorrow. I promise to do it earlier in the day so the pics turn out better.

For now, here's just a few pics to get the idea of what's coming up:

A few tricks and tips if You are planning to do something similar:

  • Use Your usual liquid foundation instead of greasepaint or facepaint, we want the base to match Your skintone - this look is not about the skin - and It will be easier to blend in all the other products used for highlighting and shading.
  • Cover the ends of your eyebrows with a concealer stick - using a plastic palette knife or a spoon's edge, then use a dark brown eyeshadow and an angled brush to draw the shape in, finish off with a dark brown lash thickening mascara - Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black Brown adds a lot of beast-like texture and thickness to the brows. Don't comb the brows, think lots of small strokes opposite the direction Your brows grow naturally for maximum effect.
  • This look is all about the brows and eyes, they have to be bold and dark - think of an animal that is about to attact it's prey, a look so intense it could cut like a laser. Do a black smokey eye as You would usually do, then with a flat-top eyeshadow brush drag it outwards so the eyeshadow goes parallel the new brow shape.
  • Use a dark brown shadow to contour the face, but as Your highlighter use white greasepaint - it will provide a more intense look - on top of Your cheekbones, the apples of Your cheeks, the tip and bridge of Your nose and the upper lip.
  • Don't powder, we still want You to look sexy and sultry, attracting the prey with Your exotic, animalistic facial features.

Hope this was a bit helpful, come back soon for a more advanced and detailed look and a tutorial!
Lots of Love and Thanks for reading,

 P.S. Who are You going as this year?

    Little Mason shows me his teeth - that's how it's done, auntie! haha


    1. This is amazing! x


    2. Cool look!


    3. wow, you did an amazing job. I'm going as a vampiress (not sure if that's even a word lol). My husband is going as dracula so it's going to be fun to do a couples theme this year. This post you did gives me some inspiration to maybe do something w/ my eyebrows, hmm...


    4. wow you're great at this!! The first thing that popped into my head was definitely the she-wolf!! gorgeous!


    5. Eyes are amazing.. wow! Great blog Xxx

    6. I love the makeup!!! it looks awesome!

    7. This seriously look amazing!!