Thursday, 29 September 2011

To bronze or not to bronze? part II

So It's been a while since I made a promise to myself to ditch the fake tan. I'm a big fan of the bronzed beauties but it's just not working for me. And why would I do something that doesn't actually make me look good, right?
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By now all the pigments of a fake tan have gone and the results are unexpected.. I am loving it! I've found new confidence and learned to love my natural features.
No more worries about a patchy skintone (I am quite impatient - so I would rush applying the tan), my skin much clearer and I don't get as many breakouts. Plus, now I actually look a lot more glowing!
So, to celebrate that, here's some tips for all the real-life Snow Whites and Ice Queens to brighten up in the colder days:

  • Don't be scared to blush! A pink-toned blush is an essential, choose a soft pink with light reflecting particles for a blush-and-highlighter-2-in-1 effect (Bourjois Little Round Pot blushes will do the job nicely). Create soft triangle shapes on your cheeks, think the apple of your cheek, drag it along the cheekbone a bit and then drag it slightly below the apple of your cheek as well. Use a subtle color though and build up the product using a very small amount. When blending it this way, the apple of your cheek will have the strongest pigments - the rest of the area will look just slightly highlighted. 
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  •  The trick I've used on so many of my models - but this is not for the faint-hearted - use a soft blusher all over the face. Sounds scary, doesn't it? But the secret is, when using a blush with a bit of a glowy pigment in it, the color will be the first to stick to your face and only then all the shiny particles as they are slightly chunkier. So, whatever is left on the brush - sweep it across the centre of your forehead, the bridge of the nose, chin and cupids bow - only the tiniest amount of color will pick up but it will leave an overall dewy effect. It works best with a transluscent, blue-ish skintone, however, if you have a very pink undertone, this won't do any justice. In theory it doesn't make much sense but you won't know how amazing and instant the effect is unless You give it a try!

  • Replace your colors - when doing your usual make-up routine in the morning, swap your usual beige eyeshadow for a pale pastel - an instant color fix. Also, if Your eyes are slightly red or tired - use pale greens for a bit of color correcting to restore the balance. (Gosh Eye Shadow Trios have a good texture and the color choices are great!) Don't forget a white eyeliner in Your waterline for a doll-eyed look!

  • The contrast a pale skintone might bring out is not always very complimenting - Your teeth can look slightly more yellow. For that, we all know the good old trick - a lipcolor with blue pigments. If that's not Your usual choice or You are a bit too scared to look frozen, choose a bright fuschia instead - the brightness and the cool shade will also provide a nice result.
  • Last but not the least - brighten up your wardrobe! A lemon-peel-toned top or dress will make You look more radiant instantly and add a ray of sun to a gloomy autumn day. Rush ahead and think Mulberry SS12 inspired pieces. To die for!
Mulberry SS12

What is Your secret trick to brighten up instantly?
Lots of love,
S xoxo
A stunning pic I just found on - I HAD to share! haha