Wednesday, 21 September 2011

This autumn and winter, color outside the lines

Usually, a smudged lipstick or not-so-sharp eyebrows has been one of my biggest make-up related phobias.
Well, not really, but noone really wants that, do they?
Obviously, the new season trendsetters do, and we've seen it all over the catwalks.
Instead of the usual, contoured lip, so precise there's not even a molecule of color out of place, It's a lot less fussy this season! Instead, dab a bright lippie (how gorgeous are the new Kate Moss for Rimmel lipsticks? My fave is 02, a super-pigmented deep pink so bright it could blind) in the centre of your lips and slightly smudge it to cover your lips. For a bit more coverage, apply your lipstick straight from the tube and lightly smudge the edges with a flat lip brush. As a make-up artist, I can sigh in relief because lipliner was the one thing I struggled with in beauty school!


Here, on my lips, I used Famous by Sue Moxley lipstick in shade 03 - Be Mine.
(As far as I know, this range has been discontinued but you can still buy it in a few Superdrug stores half price.)
Anyway, as you can see in the picture, I have quite a small mouth (which looks very weird when you write it, but we just have to love ourselves with all of our unique features) so the contoured bright lip with very sharp and precise lines makes me look a bit like a scared doll. A slightly blended out lipstick like this, on the other hand, lets me go outside my natural lipline without it being too obvious and adds a bee-stung plumped effect.

So this new trend lets everybody wear bright lips with confidence - don't worry if it's not applied too precisely - blend it with a cotton bud - don't worry if your lips are on the thinner side - smudge it outwards (the same for girls with very big lips - just keep it blended inside your lipline with a gradual effect)
And it doesn't even come just to lips - also the brows are bushy and thick, so dont worry about them not being neat enough, let your blush a bit below the apples of your cheeks and just
have some fun with make-up, experiment and find out what combos work best!
Don't go too overboard though, it's all about a halo effect!
So, despite all my fears, I'm absolutely in love with this tendency.
Actually, it made me feel like a sexy rebel coloring outside the lines.

A look I did with a very contoured, neat lip.
Later this got transformed into a fantasy mermaid look and I love the contrast
between the bold blue-green shadow and the bright red lip.
It was also inspired by a photo from a catwalk show a year or two ago but I just can't recall which one.

Which look do You prefer? Sexy rebel or oh-so-neat 40's?
I love both and It's fun to try them all out!

 Have fun, S


  1. Love this!!! The lip color is fabulous!!!
    You look amazing!!!

  2. I love that lipstick colour!

    You have fabulous lip! :)

  3. I love that colour, it is gorgeous!

  4. This looks gorgeous on you! :) xx

  5. That color is so young and fresh! It's soo beautiful.