Friday, 9 September 2011

Smoky eyes

I was so excited to see 60s, big lashes and smoky eyes on the runways!
Ah, Its make-up heaven this season. Can't really say full-on smoky eyes were gone for long (or ever) but they are making a power comeback, especially with all the new products like the MUFE Smoky Palette.
Needless to say I am dying for one of those, damn those high prices and my low budget this month.
Or is it just time to rummage in my make-up stash as @Makeup Savvy suggests? (The link will lead you to her post I'm referring to, btw)
Anyway, use monotone nudes and browns all over the lid for a glam day-time look (Add some big falsies like Eylure Naturalites Double False Eyelashes 202 and you're good to go for nighttime as well!). For nights out, I will use a kajal stick all over my lid and blend it with some navy blues or bright greens. For something super-affordable, may i suggest MUA Pearl Eyeshadow in shade 10?

Rock chic, super sultry and sexy sixties - we will be rocking all of those this season!

"We love.. Colorful, smoky eyes that get attention."  Oh yes we do!

Make-up I did for a shoot a few months ago with a stunning, full-on dark smoky eye


  1. lovely blog post, I love smokey eyes. xx

  2. That was really co0l! I just tried out a 60s kinda look the other day and that was a little too simple! I'd love it and would be super happy if you could do a 60s inspired closeup tutorial! Big help it'd be! And all the very best for your blogging venture! :)
    ♥ Sukanya

  3. Thank You so much!
    Simplicity and clean lines and colors is the key in 60s looks though,
    I'll post my version of it as soon as I can!