Monday, 12 September 2011

To bronze or not to bronze?

As summer has approched to an end and we put our swimsuits and flip-flops in the lower shelves of our closets to be reunited in a year, there's one thing we want to keep in autumn as well -
it's the bronze in our skintones and the glow that you can only get after a day in the sun.
But as I was reaching for the bottle of fake tan I started thinking - do I really need this?
Naturally, I have very transluscent, pale skin, coolish-red lips, blue-gray eyes and also, a very cool brown natural hair color (I have been dying it darker for years though). Basically, I'm sure You understand where I'm going - I have the cool complexion type, often classified as "silver" and also "winter" (pale, cool skintone, dark hair, etc.) by some of the pros.
If you want to find out which season you are, have a look here. I have to warn you though, it does not work for everybody and you will probably need some more research.
And as much as I love the bronzed beauty look with glistening skin, bronze eyeshadows and latte colors on the lips, it just never seems to work on me. I look washed out and dull - the opposite of what you would expect. I just always tried to solve this problem by layering on more fake tan, adding warmer shades to my hair, basically, putting too much effort in something so unnatural for my true complexion.
And that is when I decided, this autumn I will just go with the "cool" I have naturally. I will start with a 30 day challenge for myself not to touch the bottle of fake tan. Instead, I'll use a good mosturizer with light reflecting particles like Dove Silky Nourishment for some extra glam and glow.
For my make-up routine, a pin-up inspired thick black eyeliner, a bright lippie and highlighter on the cheekbone, nose and tearduct area (think Benefit High Beam as pearly with a pink undertone will work best) to prevent me from looking washed out (as it often can happen with pale skintones). Also, I'll deffinately choose brighter, stronger eyeshadow colors, as before I was scared they would clash with my fake tan and bring out the worst in it.
For nights out - spray ModelCo Shimmer Airbrush Illuminiser all over your legs, cleavage and shoulders! Use it for more radiance and skintone enchancement (it works wonders on all skintones!)

 I really hope I'll make it work and not reach for the bronzer in a day or two,
till then I encourage all the other gorgeous ladies to go with your own, unique selves,
and while celebs like Kim Kardashian look gorgeous with their tanned, glistening bodies, it does not mean our effort will pay off as nicely. 
We are all unique and different, lets enchance that!
Lots of love, S

Stunning Dita is a great inspiration for the look I'm gonna go for

A beautiful pic I found online


  1. dita is so beautiful, i also long for her look. great post

  2. great blog and posts! :)