Friday, 14 October 2011

Another one.. Pretty Zombie/Burlesque Zombie

I have to admit, I am having fun trying all these Halloween looks out even though I'm not sure I'm even celebrating it this year.
It's just so much fun transforming myself absolutely, throwing crazy color combinations together and actually letting myself get carried away to the world of my bizarre imagination.
So this time I am doing something a lot more comic-strip inspired and a lot less realistic, as so many commented that my previous look - a ghost (see it here) - was actually a bit scary! I think I just got into the character so easily and got so tangled in the personality of the soft and lonely being that I was making up in my mind, I didn't even notice how realistic it turned out!
I did this look to show You another top tip for creating a great costume and make-up -
DO combine several characters into one!
This lets You go as far as You want with Your idea and do the good old characters with an absolutely different twist than before - do a nerdy werewolf, a nurse-vampire or a pretty, girly zombie as I did here

Top tips for creating this look:
  • When doing a zombie look, it's all about the texture of the skin rather than shading or contouring. So, before dabbing white facepaint all over Your face with a sponge, add some texture by layering little, thin pieces of tissue soaked in lash glue on the desired areas of the face. I used Eylure Lashfix Adhesive but I suggest using any of the cheap little lash glues that You might have piling up in Your make-up bag - they are mostly latex-based which is not so good for the lashes but perfect for this! Just apply a few layers of soaked tissue using the same technique as You would for Papier-mâché, then let it dry for a few minutes. Do this before facepaint, otherwise it will not stick!
  • You don't need expensive greasepaints or professional materials to make this work! To color the texturised skin in, I used MUA lipstick in Shade 10! You can use any product (a cream blusher, liquid eyeshadow, etc.) with a creamy texture and a deep, warm nude tone to imitate the color of rotting skin. We don't want these to look like fresh wounds so don't use anything too red or bloody, also avoid products with pink undertones, as that will look too fake and stand out too much! It's all about old, rotten wounds, bruises and skin that has no blood circulation left, perhaps posessed by a deadly virus. 
  • Shade the deepest parts of the wounds with a deep, dark green eyeshadow to make the skin look like it's about to detach from the face.
Blend some fake blood over the wounds to add some more dimension (as a top layer of the skin that is still trying to heal), dab it over the lips and neck to look like You've been eating human flesh or fighting another zombie over it. DO be careful when choosing false blood as the cheapest brands can stain Your skin (and You don't really want to still look as a zombie days after Halloween) and cause allergic reactions! I suggest Kryolan as they do a wide range of good quality fake blood that will not stain skin or clothing.

  • Finish it with a flick of black eyeliner and a bright red lippie! Any other make-up would look out of place. Just try to accentuate the eyes and lips with a feminine touch to symbolize the zombie's longings for still feeling beautiful despite the rotting skin and, perhaps, the urge to eat human flesh!  
    When it's all done - accesorize! Here I used a feather hair clip for a burlesque vibe but You can do a 60's beehive, a blonde barbie wig or even drag - anything You wish!

    Once again, think of the personality and life of the character You are creating and let Your imagination flow! 
    Hope You found this helpful, 
    Lots of love,


  1. your amazinnng at these halloween looks! you should make youtube vids on these for suuure

    LoveFaye xoxo

  2. Thank You so much!
    I want to do youtube vids but I don't
    have a very good camera sadly, might start doing them in a few months though, not just costume make-up but beauty as well :)

  3. Ahhh this looks awesome! Your obviously very talented with a make-up brush :)

  4. Wow you are seriously talented with make up!
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  5. This is awesome you do really good special effects makeup!

  6. Wow. This is extraordinary! Good job!

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  9. that.looks.AMAZING!!!!

    I'm your new follower and LOVE your blog!! :)

    Olivia :) x
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  10. Thank you so much for your lovely comments!! I really appreciate it!

    I adore this!! I love mixing girly with something darker and more macabre! Making a girly zombie is such a great way of doing that. You did such a great job on the makeup!

  11. this looks really good- such an original idea :) x